14-Day BUSINESS PLAN Bootcamp

Registration will close as soon we reach capacity of 10 registered participants or as soon as time runs out, which ever comes first.

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The 14-Day BUSINESS PLAN Bootcamp


About the 14-Day BUSINESS PLAN Bootcamp
This is a 5-Session Business Plan Building Workshop over 14 days.

Mission Statement

If you are a Black-owned business or an aspiring business owner in the Black community struggling to create a business plan, your mission should you choose to accept it is to have a completed business plan for your business in 14 days or less so that you can have total clarity about your business, and have a business plan ready for financing application or other purposes, as required.

Workshop Sessions Starting Jun 14, 2021

Session # 1 - Monday, Jun 14 @ 7 PM
Define your market (i.e. who you serve)
Identify the need (i.e. the problem you are solving)

Session # 2 - Thursday, Jun 17 @ 7 PM
Design your offering (i.e. your products and services)
Design the delivery (i.e. how will you deliver your products and services)

Session # 3 - Monday, Jun 21 @ 7 PM
Going to market (i.e. getting your market to know that you exist)

Session # 4 - Wednesday, Jun 23 @ 7 PM
Show me the money (i.e. your financial projections)

Session # 5 - Friday, Jun 25 @ 7 PM
Putting it all together (i.e. your final business plan)

The 14-Day Business Plan Bootcamp Guarantee

I guarantee that you will have a completed business plan by the end of the 14-day period for this program, or I'll personally refund you what you paid to join this program.

That means I’m personally guaranteeing your success.

And it means that you risk absolutely nothing by joining the “14-Day Business Plan Bootcamp From Start to Finish for the Black-owned Business” training program, because by the end of the training you will have a completed business plan, and if you don’t, we pay you!

To qualify for the guarantee, you’ll just need to do these 3 things:

1) Follow the simple step-by-step instructions I'll give you, do the assignments, and put what I teach into action.

2) Use the coaching, support, and resources that are available to you during this program.

3) Keep your daily milestone doc up-to-date

Then by the end of the 14-day program, you’ll either have a completed business plan or I’ll pay you what you paid to join this program out of my own pocket.
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14 Day Guarantee

No question asked 14-day refund guaranteed. If you don't get the results as noted above and you do the work to qualify for the guarantee, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee...

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